From the time you enroll into the Americor program you are being considered for a loan. Your eligibility will be periodically reviewed during your 12 month journey through the program.

Then your income will be verified through current documentation, a credit report will be pulled and a review of your adherence to the Schedule B loan condition guidelines will be assessed.

Once everything is confirmed, Credit9 will send you pre-funding loan documents for signing. At this time, all of your remaining debts will be negotiated. After all your debts have been negotiated and you have approved the remaining settlements, you will have a final set of loan documents to sign based on the true settlement figures.

After this, funds will be distributed into your RAM account to pay off the rest of your settlements in one lump sum to each of your remaining creditors.

Schedule B – Conditions

You understand and accept the following conditions of this loan:

1. You must still be employed and making the same amount of income or more at time of enrollment in the debt relief program.

2. You must stay current throughout the term of the program on any Mortgage, car payment(s), and any other debt not listed in Schedule A.

3. You agree not to take on additional consumer financial liabilities during the debt relief program.

4. You must be in the debt relief program for a minimum of 12 months.

5. You must have paid down a minimum of 30% of the debt listed in Schedule A.

6. You agree to enroll and remain enrolled in the credit monitoring solution with us, which is provided at no additional cost.

7. You agree to provide us with notice of any litigation, employment changes, income reduction, or other circumstances that could have a material effect on your ability to repay.

8. Must stay in good standing with debt relief program payments, this includes no NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) or missed payments.

9. All loan decisions are based off the most current guidelines and are subject to underwriter’s discretion along with state and federal regulations.

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