Staying on track with your monthly savings plan is key to successfully completing your Americor program. However, we realize that from time-to-time an emergency may arise where a draft date or amount will need to be modified.

To change or reschedule a deposit, please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Client Services at the main menu and click on "Change Single Deposit".

2. Please fill out the new date and amount.

3. If you see this message, you will not be able to change your draft at this time. Please reach out to our customer support via online chat on your client portal.

4. If you don't see the red message, your request has been submitted. No action needed on your part at this point.

Important: Be sure to do the process at least five (5) days prior your scheduled draft to allow enough time for us to make the change between your saving account holder and your bank. Keep in mind that skipping a month of the program may impact your eligibility date for the Credit9 loan.

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